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At Division-D, our goal is to develop and maintain strong, lasting partnerships by conducting every interaction with integrity and excellent service. The dynamic essence of our network enables us to adapt with the ever-changing online advertising landscape.


Why partner with Division-D?


You deserve a unit that is as custom and unique as your site. Division-D doesn’t stop with just standard display. From video to mobile to high-impact placements, we have many diverse opportunities and are eager to work with you to find the best fit. We utilize non-traditional ad formats in a world full of traditional ad space.


Division-D partners directly with over 10,000 premium publishers. These sites range across a number of quality verticals with a strong focus on local & national news, business and lifestyle publications. All placements are contracted for above the fold inventory to maximize viewability and performance for our advertisers. This premium positioning and site selection allows Division-D to offer an older, more affluent and educated audience that is apt to making purchase decisions online.

Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to Division-D. We are dedicated to offering proactive, efficient and friendly service to every client. Each Division-D client will have both a dedicated account representative, as well as a campaign optimization and management team on the backend to ensure all campaign goals are met and exceeded.
This highly knowledgeable and experienced team strives to continuously improve
campaign performance as well as bring the client proactive suggestions for optimizations
and new placement testing.



Division-D takes strict measures to ensure brand safety for all advertiser partners.

 Direct Partnerships:


By only partnering directly with premium publishers, we know exactly where our inventory is coming from.

Ad Verification:


By partnering with ad verification companies, we are able to closely monitor publisher inventory to

    ensure all impressions are

brand safe.

Vetting Process:


Internally, our publishers face a strict vetting process to ensure they are offering the type of premium placements our advertisers expect.


Let's work together!