Tuning In to 2020 Audio Trends

Music and talk radio have been a staple of American entertainment since its invention. From gathering around a box radio in the living room to live streaming through smartphones, audio content has always been there for people as a part of their everyday routines. Audio is timeless, and advertisers are consistently working to leverage the power of this impactful medium. Even in this unprecedented time, Division-D has found new ways to improve the audio advertising experience for consumers and marketers alike.

Audio platforms are becoming highly personalized, opening up the door for advertisers to reach niche audiences. “Podcast and streaming audio campaigns have a huge impact. Similar to influencer marketing, the host of the podcast is very influential to their listeners,” said Bre Hernandez, a Media Planner for Division-D. “Their fans/listeners might pick up on a brand faster if it was being recommended by someone they trust and respect.”

In addition to these targeting benefits, audio consumption is on the rise. According to an article on The Drum, a recent report predicts an astonishing 84% growth in digital audio ad revenue for 2025 compared to 2019. The number of people staying home and listening to radio from smart devices rather than from traditional car radios also has contributed to the recent rise in consumption. “I’ve seen from other vendors that listening to audio streaming and podcasting has increased the most of any media during the pandemic!” said Hernandez.

New technologies have allowed Division-D to tailor and better serve our clients. One of the newest facets of our offering includes Sequential messaging, which allows the delivery of multiple audio creatives to listeners in a numbered series to drive engagement. “It’s very likely that we have what a client is looking for in terms of audio/podcast advertising because we have so many connections and contacts,” said Hernandez.

The constant innovation and outreach of audio make it a driving force in the world of digital marketing, and the future for audio is looking Loud and Clear.

Information for today’s blog came from the article “Why personalized audio is the future” on The Drum. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on our newest offerings and the latest industry trends!

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