Celebrating Our Staff with Employee Appreciation Day

Each of our offices had the opportunity to take a day off work this August and September to bond at various employee appreciation events. Employee Appreciation Day is an annual event for the Division-D community where the company provides food, drinks, and activities as a thank-you for the hard work everyone put in throughout the last year.

The day is always an employee favorite, so we spoke with some Division-D staff to find out what exactly they love about these events and what makes this day unique.

“The Raleigh office went to a winery for the day! We did a wine tasting, had lunch catered and did a ‘wine and design’!’ I think my favorite part was the wine and design – I’m definitely not an artist, but it was fun to walk around and see everyone else creating the same thing as you. Everyone was definitely hyping each other up a lot about what they were painting which was fun to see.” -Emma Knox, Senior Account Manager

An opportunity to get to know your coworkers

In this job, we often work very closely with certain coworkers and rarely interact with others. That’s why we put so much effort into events like these: we want our employees to get to know everyone, not just those they regularly work with. You never know when a relationship you formed outside of regular work hours will become helpful on the job.

Amory Platts, Account Manager, expressed that this is one of the reasons she loves this event. “I think it allows us to get to know other coworkers that we usually don’t work within our specific roles,” said Platts. “I love the Kansas City office’s culture, and I think this event definitely helped grow our relationships!”

“The LA office went horseback riding in the Hollywood Hills for our Employee Appreciation event. Something I enjoyed the most was being able to take in the scenery with the team and get to know the horses. We were paired with horses by the instructors, and we found out that our horses matched our personalities exactly. It was meant to be!” -Jasmin Khounthasenh, Assistant Account Executive

Have experiences together outside the office

Division-D strives to foster great relationships between coworkers both in and outside of work. In addition to the employee appreciation event, we also hold regular happy hours, food trucks, and other activities. We’re always looking for unique ways to help bond our employees together, and the LA office found the horseback riding event especially helpful in this regard.

“An event like this improves coworker relationships because it gives us a chance to get to know one another outside of the office,” said Jasmin Khounthasenh, Assistant Account Executive. “We were put into another environment where we had to trust in the horses and lean on each other, and looking back on that with one another is a great bonding point.”

Kaitlin Li, Account Manager, who was also on the horseback riding trip, expressed how she enjoyed having the time to bond with her coworkers. “I’ve always believed that creating memories through experiences (even if it’s just an hour) is worth more than a lifetime of conversations with someone,” said Li.

“The Chicago office started the day with bagels and mimosas in the office, then took a party bus to the harbor where we ventured out on a boat in Lake Michigan. We spent the day swimming, chilling on a raft, eating snacks, and enjoying the open bar.” -Maren Douglass, Assistant Account Manager

Show newer employees how much we love Division-D

We love making our new employees feel welcome, often catering lunch on the new hires’ first day so the office can spend the lunch hour together. Employee Appreciation Day also helps employees hired in the last year see how much fun we have together and learn to appreciate the company the way more seasoned employees do.

“Something that really stood out to me was how much love and appreciation everyone had for the company and for the relationships they had built throughout their time at Division-D,” said Maren Douglass, Assistant Account Manager, who started at Division-D this August. “I think the event was the best possible way to ease into my first corporate job, and I could not be more thankful that I chose Division-D.”

“The company booked a suite for the KC team to enjoy a Royals Game at Kauffman Stadium. It was my first time watching a game from a suite with catered food and great drink options. I got to connect with the different team members in the KC office on a more personal level while enjoying the game – the vibes were immaculate!” -Tessie Ho, Social Media Strategist

Help everyone feel appreciated

Division-D wants to ensure all its employees feel appreciated and know we value their work. Giving them a day to relax with their teammates has proven to be a beneficial way of accomplishing this throughout the years.

“I could tell that a lot of effort went into making everyone feel special and appreciated,” said Nikki Reijmer, Influencer Marketing Account Manager.

“The Columbia team joined the St. Louis team to go to Top Golf together! We both rode in on buses and enjoyed a super yummy fajita bar and some super beautiful weather. I felt like I was on a middle school field trip (but in the best way possible).” -Nikki Reijmer, Influencer Marketing Account Manager

Division-D knows that this company would be nothing without our amazing staff, and we’re so appreciative of all the effort they put in every day. Thanks for all your hard work!

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