5 Examples of Professional Goals For Work

Division-D Employees Weigh in on How They Stay Motivated

One in four Americans say they have made New Year’s Resolutions for 2022. While many of these plans for the new year include becoming healthier or saving money, professional goals are also at the top of the list of common resolutions.1 At Division-D we encourage our employees to make both quarterly and yearly goals. “It’s important to continue to focus on personal growth and development at any stage of your career,” said Katelyn Duff, Chief Revenue Officer. “If you’re not changing as a person, you’re not growing.”

Seventy-three percent of marketing professionals surveyed by Adweek said making goals is highly important for staying motivated throughout the year, and 72% of those who did not make goals for the year wished they had.2

We talked to our staff about their goals for 2022 and how they stay motivated throughout the year. Here is some of their advice.

1. Create Short-Term Goals

Creating a five-year plan is a fantastic way to set yourself on a successful path, but don’t forget to create small goals with quicker payoffs to keep you motivated. “Big change doesn’t happen overnight,” said Lauren Faulkner, Account Executive. “Making small goals out of one large goal has helped me break down what I need to be doing day to day to get me to the point I want to be.”

2. Keep Your Goals at the Front of Your Mind

Writing goals down is a great start but consider keeping them somewhere visible and referring to them often. This will keep goals at the front of your mind as you make daily decisions, helping you to work towards them every day. “I plan to dedicate thirty minutes each week on self-reflection to evaluate performance, work-life balance, and areas of growth,” said Bre Hernandez, Manager, Media Planning.

3. Have Personal Goals Outside of Work

Many of us know that a healthy work/life balance is key to staying happy long-term, but have you thought about how your personal goals coincide with your professional ones? Having personal goals can help you envision moving forward in your life outside of work. “I’ve noticed that by working on my personal goals, it would help motivate me and stay positive towards my professional goals,” said Rachel West, Executive Assistant.

4. Check in Often

Managers at Division-D plan quarterly meetings with their team to reassess goals and see how they are progressing. Having this official check-in is helpful in making sure employees are on track, or even to see if goals have changed in the last few months. “I will personally keep track of my goals,” said Olivia Frankian, Campaign Operations Trainer, “but it is very beneficial to have the reminder to check in on them quarterly since time flies by very fast.”

5. Lead by Example

If you are in a management or mentorship position, keep in mind that you are an example to everyone on your team. It can be helpful to share some of your own goals with them and show them that you are also checking in with your goals often. “A continued goal I have is to lead by example,” said Duff. “I can’t expect someone on my team to do something that I personally haven’t done and/or wouldn’t do. Guiding others through not only my words but more importantly my behavior and actions is a goal and focus I’ve had since beginning my career at Division-D.”

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