5 Tactics to Improve Your CTV Campaign

 As cord-cutting increases, viewers are turning to Connected TV. The gradual shift to CTV viewership isn’t something to overlook—advertisers who continue expending linear TV buys without acknowledging the power of CTV, video content, and streaming services may fail to reach highly engaged audiences.

CTV offers advertisers unparalleled advantages, such as advanced targeting capabilities, detailed analytics, and the ability to serve dynamic, interactive ads that resonate more deeply with viewers. 

These features not only enhance the viewer’s experience but also allow advertisers to deliver more relevant and engaging content, leading to higher engagement rates and a more impactful media presence.

Tips for Keeping up with the Changing Market

CTV ad spending is expected to hit over $30 billion this year, and it won’t stop there. Advertisers are drawn to the platform’s ability to reach specific audiences with unparalleled accuracy, leveraging advanced analytics to track viewer engagement and optimize campaign performance in real-time. 

With heightened capabilities comes increased competition; staying ahead of the changing trends and new opportunities in the industry is essential. 

Here are some of Division-D’s CTV tactics, recommendations, and capabilities to create effective campaigns.

1. Invest in Premium & Live Event Inventory

One of the biggest concerns advertisers have regarding CTV is whether their ads serve on reputable apps and channels. Division-D offers reporting insights outlining top apps in a campaign, but we can also take it further, targeting select inventory of interest through our
top tier partnerships.


Premium Inventory

As more networks release their own streaming platforms, options for where to run ads increases. At Division-D, our goal is to stay on top of these changes to offer the most premium inventory to our clients. 

We’re pleased to have partnerships with Hulu, ESPN, Disney+, Discovery Plus, HBO Max, and more. These partnerships enable us to place relevant ads in front of your target audience, ensuring that your message is heard by the viewers most likely to engage.

Live Event Inventory

You don’t have to buy linear TV ad space to advertise on live events! Sports and entertainment events are available to stream on smart TVs and other CTV platforms; Division-D’s partnerships with premium publishers allows us to purchase ad space for these events, offering an ideal setting for impactful video ads.

According to eMarketer, nearly one-tenth of the US population will watch live sports via a digital pay TV service. Live events, from sports to award shows, captivate large and diverse audiences, presenting a prime opportunity for targeted, impactful advertising. 

Engaging viewers in these moments, when their attention is focused and their emotional investment is high, allows advertisers to deliver messages that resonate on a deeper level, enhancing recall and engagement.

2. Leverage Sequential Messaging

Sequential messaging allows advertisers to build cohesive campaigns that tell a story, driving viewers down the purchase funnel. 

For this strategy, a viewer is shown an upper to mid funnel format, like CTV, that catches their attention and lifts awareness. Later, they are served a lower-funnel ad on their desktop or mobile device to remind them of the brand, giving them the chance to interact with the ad and the brand’s website.

Target smarter and engage better with Division-D!

“Leveraging sequential messaging that starts with CTV is a great way to build out a full-funnel digital marketing strategy,” said Shalyn Mulholland, Vice President of Sales. 

“With brand familiarity often comes increased perception of credibility and overall favorability, which increases the likelihood of engagement when served other ad formats to follow. This has been reflected when comparing side-by-side performance between standard banners with general targeting versus banners that are served as a second or third step in a series aligned with CTV sequential messaging.”

Sequential messaging is an excellent strategy if you want to reinforce your message while managing creative fatigue. This strategy secures optimal ad frequency without risking viewer fatigue, thanks to varied ad placements that prevent repetitive exposure.

Sequential Messaging

3. Implement Pixel Placement

Since most CTV ads aren’t clickable, placing pixels offers increased insight into a campaign’s effectiveness. Cross-device tracking allows viewers’ actions to be tracked on their desktop or mobile device after exposure on CTV. So, if a viewer converts on your site after seeing a CTV ad, we can attribute the conversion back to the campaign.

“I always recommend tracking engagements across the root URL or homepage of a site along with any additional actions of interest since site visits occur in a non-linear fashion most of the time following CTV ad exposure,” said Mulholland. 

“It’s a great performance indicator to track how many people independently sought out a site visit after being exposed to an ad on one of their associated devices.”

Discover how cross-device tracking can elevate your strategy.

4. Determine Your Advanced Measurement Options

There’s an array of measurement tactics when it comes to connected TV, each designed to provide valuable insights into campaign performance. From understanding audience reach and engagement to analyzing conversion and attribution metrics, these tools equip advertisers with the data needed to fine-tune their strategies for maximum impact. 

By exploring the breadth of options available, you can ensure your connected TV campaigns are reaching your target audience and delivering on your marketing objectives efficiently and effectively.

Cross-Device Attribution

If you’re running multiple ad types and placements, cross-device attribution is crucial to understand the holistic impact of your CTV advertising efforts. This option allows advertisers  to accurately attribute conversions or valuable actions to the correct ad exposures across a multitude of devices.

More importantly, cross-device attribution ensures that the impact of your CTV ads is accurately captured, even when the final consumer action occurs on another device.

Brand Lift Studies

For awareness-based campaigns, brand lift studies quantify effectiveness based on factors like awareness, ad recall, consideration, and purchase intent. They can also be used to see how you stack up against competitors.

These studies are done by giving surveys to viewers exposed to your ad and a control group. Survey questions can be customized to help you get the most useful information for your brand.

Foot Traffic Studies


Foot traffic
If your brand has a brick-and-mortar location, you’ll definitely want to see how your digital advertising efforts bring customers into your physical store. 

When people watch your ad on their Smart TV, the system notes that. If those same viewers, with their smartphones in their pockets, show up at your store, the foot traffic study connects the dots, recognizing that these visitors might have come in response to seeing your ad. 

Some options even allow for mid-flight reporting to optimize your campaign according to results—making it easier to adjust your strategies.

5. Invest in Compelling Creative

Captivating your audience isn’t just about placing ads in the right spots; it’s about catching their eye with powerful creatives that enhance the overall ad experience. Connected TV devices are often the largest screens in the room, but if your creative isn’t up to par, you risk blending into the background.

If you’re looking to stand out from ad congestion, consider CTV+. This offering brings clients unique creative solutions to elevate their CTV advertising efforts, increasing awareness and driving action with customizable canvases, social and interactive experiences.

Ready to get started? Reach out to us today for a customized proposal. 

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