5 Tips for Your Next Influencer Campaign

We shared a survey with over 200 influencer partners, asking questions about their preferred social platforms, their experience with cross-posting content, the time needed to produce content, and other aspects of working with advertisers.

We received plenty of insightful answers, but some of the best feedback came from open-ended questions we posed about what creators think advertisers should know about their experience as content creators.

Based on this feedback, we’ve put together five tips for your next influencer marketing campaign.

1. Find a balance between creative guidance and creative freedom.

Creators spend a lot of time crafting content that resonates with their audience. So, going into a campaign expecting to tell an influencer exactly what to post may not yield the best results.

“I wish more advertisers would give creators more creative freedom when crafting the ads,” said one influencer. “Sometimes the rules and requirements are so restrictive the audience does not respond because it’s not personal.”

On the other hand, offering an influencer zero guidance when creating their post may result in a final product that doesn’t match your vision. Specifying creative direction while allowing influencers to put their personal touch on the post will ensure your message is communicated correctly and resonates with the audience.

“It’s difficult to create content immediately,” another creator noted. “The more details that can be shared upfront, the better foot we can put forward on the first go.”

2. Trust the creator’s expertise.

Don’t forget that you’re hiring an influencer because they bring something to the table that you don’t have. They are experts in their field, so stay open-minded to feedback about what will perform well in a post and what won’t.

“Trust that they know their audience and what performs well!” we heard from one influencer. “Oftentimes there’s a reason or strategy they are implementing into their content to help it be boosted by the algorithm or by their followers.”

Brands should be willing to compromise and openly discuss the content. Creators appreciate feeling heard and may have the insight to share.

“Know that the creator typically knows their audience and what will perform best,” said one influencer, “and to be open to suggestions and feedback on content ideas to allow the posts to perform best for both parties”

3. Budget for fair compensation.

When working with an influencer, keep in mind that this is their job, whether full-time or a side hustle. Therefore, fair compensation is a huge factor in whether they agree to work with you.

Some influencers are willing to accept products as payment but don’t go into a campaign expecting to make this trade, especially if you want the creator to put time into the post they create.

“We understand that sometimes brands do not have a large budget,” one creator said, “but in order to create quality content, we deserve to be compensated appropriately. We are working just like someone would with a 9-to-5 job.”

4. Consider building a lasting partnership.

An influencer doesn’t have to just promote one product or one campaign. If you find someone who is a great fit for your brand, fostering that relationship, so your partnership continues will ensure great benefits for both of you.

“It’s nice when we have developed some kind of a relationship with a brand or representative that we are working with rather than just here’s your task, here’s a brief, and when it’s done, that’s a wrap,” said one influencer. “It’s nice to keep in touch a little bit.”

5. Communicate realistic deadlines.

Many content creators have chosen the profession due to its flexibility, so keep in mind that they might not work typical business hours. They may even have another day job, so working ahead of time with open communication about scheduling will prevent unwanted frustration.

When asked how much time they preferred to have to create content, 87% of our survey responders answered between 2-3 weeks. However, be open to adjusting this deadline based on a creator’s workload.

“It takes a lot of time and work to create good content ideas, especially with kids,” one creator said. If the content needs to utilize children or has any other specifications that might make timing difficult, try to build a little buffer room into your deadline.

We hope these tips help you run a more successful influencer marketing campaign. To start planning your next campaign, reach out to our trained influencer marketing team at advertisers@divisiond.com!

For more information we collected from our survey, view our Influencer Marketing one-sheeter.

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