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Influencer Marketing content creators have proven their expertise in a world where studios and photoshoots were limited by COVID-19. Partnered with the fact that AdWeek reported a 61% increase in social media engagement last year, this tactic emerged as a highly effective way to reach target audiences. By leveraging influencer marketing, brands have a unique opportunity to tap into highly engaged, hyper-niche audiences at scale to improve brand awareness, increase consideration, and drive more conversions.

Social content creators can build on the trust and loyalty of their audiences by working only with brands that share the same values as they do. “My biggest takeaway from working on influencer marketing campaigns is that creators make their own credibility and branding a priority, and rarely take every campaign that comes their way,” said Grace Huguelet, Influencer Marketing Intern. “They are very selective of the partnerships that they take on to ensure that their authenticity is never in question.”

The collaborative nature of influencer marketing campaigns breeds this authenticity, which ultimately benefits both brands and the followers of content creators. “We have real people reviewing and promoting real products they have tried or are supporting brands that they feel strongly about,” said Shelby Mustain, Influencer Marketing Account Manager. “When we utilize influencers, we are able to use their authentic voice to reach their audience in the best way.”

Content creators are also motivated to produce high-quality promotions, with the ability to take the advertiser’s message and make it in their own voice. “Seeing the content the influencers create is my favorite part,” said Mustain. “Their content is so aesthetically pleasing and sharing their beautiful content with the client is always fun!”

The visual appeal of influencer marketing is also able to span a wide range of verticals. “We have seen great success in running influencer marketing campaigns across a wide variety of industries including Publishing, Food and Beverage, CPG products, non-profit awareness campaigns, and more,” said Brad Stewart, Director of Influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing boomed in 2020, and 63% of marketers intend to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2021. “Brands have the opportunity to reach audiences through a friendly and trusted voice, establishing credibility and rapport with that audience that you simply don’t get through alternate forms of media,” said Stewart. “When it’s all done, you have this high quality, great content that you can take pride in and see the fruits of your labor.”

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