Setting a Strong Foundation with Media Planning

“Many hands make light work.”

“It takes a village.”

“You reap what you sow.”

For as long as people have worked together, there have been clever one-liners that illustrate the benefits of good preparation and banding together on projects. Digital advertising may require less hard labor than what’s referenced in these phrases, but the principles hold true – the most successful endeavors have a team of people working to set a strong foundation. “Media plans are important in order for our clients to have a grasp on their audience and industry, as well as the inventory available to them,” said Bre Hernandez, Senior Media Planner.

Media planning and research help advertisers better understand not only how their campaign may affect and reach their target audience, but also how they fit into a given media environment. “Clearly understanding the impact of external dynamics is important for brands,” said Mike Menkes, senior VP at Analytic Partners in an article for AdAge. “Brands should leverage analytics to not only understand how marketing impacts business performance, but how to achieve business goals when confronted with outside forces.”

When it comes to digital media planning and strategy, there’s no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. “Media planning is about the strategic development of campaigns based on the needs of our clients,” said Ayla Vulgamott, Vice President of Media Buying. “I really enjoy the variety of brands that we draft proposals for, allowing us to dive into a lot of different targeting profiles and do research on subject matters we might not otherwise explore. On the flip side, it’s also really exciting to do a proposal for a brand/product that is reaching a target audience that I relate with!”

Like with many other tenets of successful campaigns, great media planning is part art and part science. “Thinking outside the box helps give the client a different or more strategic perspective in their planning,” said Hernandez. “Thinking creatively and going above and beyond expectations is my favorite aspect of drafting proposals. It can be very rewarding seeing a client really like a media plan you worked on!”

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