2022 Year in Review

As 2022 comes to a close, we are taking a look back at the trends and highlights of the year. Keep reading to learn what our team thinks are the biggest pieces of industry news from 2022, what they mean for advertisers, and what action to take in 2023.

Cookie Deprecation Delay

The third-party cookie has been a topic of discussion for many years now as consumers have raised privacy concerns. Over three-quarters of US social media users say that whether a website protects their privacy or data is “extremely” or “very” impactful on whether they interact with ads on that site.

This is why Safari and Firefox have already removed third-party cookies from their browsers. Chrome had planned to follow in 2023 but has pushed that date back to late 2024. The intention of this delay is to allow time to develop technologies to replace third-party cookies that are more privacy-conscious but still allow for granular targeting and accurate measurement.

What this means for advertisers.

There will be no significant changes in terms of targeting and measurement that occur in 2023 as initially planned. Campaigns can continue to run cookie-based targeting strategies, and other ad technologies such as frequency capping and conversion tracking will continue to work as they currently do.

Action to take in 2023.

In the coming year, advertisers should continue to test cookieless targeting strategies, or launch a split-testing campaign if they haven’t already. This will help brands understand what their campaigns will look like after cookies are deprecated and give you a jump start on figuring out what cookieless tactics perform best for your campaign. Once third-party cookies are eliminated, we are likely to see an increase in the price of audience targeting, so starting now may save money.

Testing also helps you get an idea of how performance will look after third-party cookies are no longer an option. Without third-party cookies it may be harder to track actions and conversions (depending on what new technologies are developed by then), but you may also see a change in metrics like CTR, CPC, VTR, etc. Split testing now will provide you with a direct comparison in performance and allow you to adjust KPIs for cookieless campaigns.

Economic Uncertainties

Consumers have been hearing about and experiencing economic uncertainties throughout the year, from rising gas prices and interest rates to grocery shortages. Fear of recession can cause declines in consumer spending and decreases in advertising budgets.

The good news is, in the advertising industry, we’re still seeing year-over-year growth in media ad spending, with a 13.2% increase expected this year.

What this means for advertisers

We are likely to see a trend of customers changing where they spend their money, meaning new considerations for marketers as they plan for 2023.

Uncertain economic times give brands the opportunity to reach a growing number of users who are choosing to stay home to save money. These users are likely to consume more CTV, digital video, audio, and podcasts, making all of these avenues a great place to showcase your brand. Companies can use this time to tell consumers how their brand can help during these uncertain economic conditions.

Action to take in 2023

Be prepared to quickly change creative messaging in response to economic updates. Competitors may take longer to switch messaging or choose to go dark altogether, so being able to stay live with up-to-date messaging can increase your brand’s share of voice and create better brand recall among consumers.


The industry has seen video advertising more than double since pre-pandemic days, with advertisers spending $31.86 billion in 2019, and a projected $76.51 billion in 2022. TikTok has seen a similar trend with just $170 million in ad revenue in 2019 and $5.03 billion in 2022.

So, what has made TikTok advertising so popular and effective? TikTok ads blend in with the surrounding content, often utilizing influencers to capture audience attention and put their own spin on the ad. This keeps users engaged longer and allows the ad to come from someone they recognize and trust.

What this means for advertisers

Video content is gaining popularity, meaning a wider audience is available for video ads on various platforms. As TikTok and advertising on TikTok grow, the platform is releasing more options for targeting, placement, and measurement.

TikTok is especially beneficial to brands with a younger target audience, as 44% of TikTok’s users are under 25, and almost 70% are under 35.

Action to take in 2023

The best way to stay successful in the current social media market is to shift from image to video ads, and with its current popularity, TikTok is the perfect place to turn to. TikTok has become the third most popular platform for influencer content, following Facebook and Instagram, so if you haven’t tested your influencer content with TikTok, 2023 is the time to start.


We continue to see more and more cord-cutters and cord-nevers as people forgo cable and satellite TV for the ever-growing streaming options. Almost 85% of US households use CTV in 2022, a steep increase over the last decade with just 22.7% in 2012.

What this means for advertisers

There are currently over 200 streaming apps to choose from, including Hulu, HBO Max, and Pluto TV. The biggest buzz this year came from Netflix releasing their ad-supported subscription tier. This launched in November, giving consumers the option to pay a smaller subscription fee in exchange for watching about five minutes of ads per hour of television.

For now, Netflix is limiting its ad space to a select number of brands, and we’re continuing to monitor opportunities for our clients on the platform. 2023 could be the year your brand comes to Netflix!

Action to take in 2023

CTV continues to be a great avenue for brand awareness campaigns. It provides the largest screen for displaying video and aligns your brand next to premium content like movies, television shows, and sporting events. CTV is a great avenue for your 2023 branding campaigns.

Final Thoughts on 2022

There is no way we could have recapped all of 2022’s notable updates in one post, but we hope this blog provided insights into your 2023 advertising efforts and propels you through the coming year with fierce focus, vision, and impactful results.

As always, reach out to us at advertisers@divisiond.com for any questions, and check out our 2022 In Review one-sheeter for an at-a-glance view of this information!


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