VoterX: Digital Media Strategies to Make a Difference

Digital reigns supreme in 2020 – anyone who wants to learn about anything can find answers online in seconds. From fixing a bike tire to learning the different views of political candidates, there is a true tidal wave of information available at your fingertips. Sifting through it all can be exhausting on viewers, and ensuring that they reach accurate information the first time can be a full-time job for advertisers. The good news is that, due to the adaptability and targeting capabilities in the digital world, issue advocacy campaigns and local governments can leverage the power of digital advertising to make a difference in their community. “Whether it’s a local election or a national charitable initiative, VoterX has the resources and experience to make sure digital campaigns reach the right people in the right places,” said VoterX Account Executive, Jillian Wellborn.

VoterX is the political subsidiary of Division-D, specializing in unique ad placements at scale for political partners. “Our ability to target individuals based on their stance on certain issues, donation history, voting frequency, and many more behavioral markers helps to deliver impressions in a hyper-focused manner,” said Wellborn.

The VoterX team leverages over a decade of experience in the political space, while simultaneously utilizing emerging and effective trends in digital media. According to a trends report by Kantar, “Another area of emerging focus in the 2020 election cycle is the Over-the-Top/Connected TV space…The ability of political advertisers to air more spots on these platforms will allow them to extend the reach of their messaging and target younger audiences.” Account Executives at VoterX attribute this trend to an increasing number of millennials and Gen-Zers entering into the electorate, with their media consumption habits differing greatly from past generations. “Not only is CTV desirable from the perspective of voters, it is also a major win for political advertisers. The cost of CTV spots is substantially lower than running ads on traditional broadcast television, allowing advertisers to reach more eyes for less cash,” said Wellborn.

The combination of digital media experience, trend awareness, and specialized targeting capabilities allows VoterX to assist political partners in reaching the right audience in the right way the first time.

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