Social Media Conversion Campaigns During the Holiday Season

Social media platforms have evolved into more than places for connecting and sharing; they are vibrant centers for culture, entertainment, discussion, shopping, and more.  

Within its dynamic environment, social platforms’ fusion of scrolling and online shopping has compelled shoppers to engage with new products in unprecedented ways, enhancing their overall customer experience. 

Whether you’re a retailer or advertiser, the challenge lies in how effectively you’re leveraging the heightened interest for online shopping and product discovery in your social media conversion campaigns. 

This pursuit is particularly valuable as we approach the upcoming holiday season, with opportunities to convert engaged users into customers.  

Social Media Shopping

Consumer spending is at its peak during this time, and it’s crucial to stand apart from the social media ads your competitors are promoting.  

Division-D is here to help you adopt a comprehensive conversion campaign strategy by leveraging social media advertising. In the sections that follow, we’ll explore recommended tactics in detail. 

Launching a Social Media Conversion Campaign


Using social media advertising to drive conversions is a strategic move required for businesses to thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape. To start your journey toward a successful social media conversion campaign, let’s distinguish it from conventional social media marketing.  

While social media marketing focuses on building engagement and brand awareness, a social media conversion campaign is all about driving action through social platforms. 

This approach has transformed how businesses connect with their targeted audience, positioning them where their potential customers spend a significant amount of time. 

E-commerce encompasses a wide range of online retail activities, including: 

  • Online Shopping 
  • Online Banking 
  • Drop-shipping  
  • Crowdfunding 
  • Online Auctions 
  • Blockchain-Based Commerce  

In contrast, a social media conversion campaign focuses on: 

  • Leveraging social media channels  
  • Driving action 
  • Targeted audiences 
  • Tracking and analytics 
  • Conversion metrics  

Social media conversion campaigns seamlessly integrate your advertising efforts within social media platforms. In some cases, you might even set your shop up within a social media app to allow customers to make in-app purchases, eliminating the need to navigate to an external website.  

This level of convenience is particularly valuable during peak shopping seasons, reducing the likelihood of conversion drop-offs and abandoned checkouts.  

Strategies for Social Media Conversion Campaigns


Conversions typically refer to desired actions that align with a business’s objectives, such as: 

  • Sales: Encouraging users to make a purchase through an e-commerce website or directly within the social media platform itself. 
  • Lead Generation: Collecting user information, such as email addresses or contact details for follow-up marketing efforts. 
  • Website Traffic: Driving users to visit a specific webpage, which could be a product page, a landing page, or a blog post. 
  • App Installs: Encouraging users to download and install a mobile application. 
  • Content Engagement: Encouraging users to engage with content, such as liking, sharing, or commenting on posts. 

Social media conversion campaigns involve various elements, including targeted advertising, content creation, audience segmentation, and the use of analytics tools to measure and optimize campaign performance. These campaigns aim to not only increase engagement and brand awareness but also to guide users through a carefully designed sales funnel, ultimately leading to the desired conversion actions. 

Measure Facebook & Instagram Conversions


Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has recognized the potential of social media conversion campaigns and social commerce. Each platform has evolved from social connectors to trusted hubs for product recommendations and shopping.  

Retailers and e-commerce brands have an array of strategies to drive sales on Facebook and Instagram.  

You may have already started organically sharing product information on your social channels or organized live shopping events to connect with your followers. This holiday season, boost your store’s sales even further with more advanced tactics, such as social commerce, influencer endorsements, paid amplification ads, and more.  

When utilized effectively, these components harmoniously work together to help you tap into the vast community of active social media users and turn them into customers.  



Include AI in Your Marketing Strategy with Meta 


As AI continues to evolve in digital marketing, we’re seeing more opportunities to incorporate machine learning into campaigns.  

Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaign features cutting-edge AI technologies that employ machine learning to reach valuable audiences.  

Upon initial testing from Meta, the results are quite impressive – a 17% improvement in cost per acquisition and a 32% increase in return on ad spend. 

Some advantages of an Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns include: 

  1. Reaching prospective and existing customers with personalized product recommendations. 
  2. Targeting your highest-value customers across all of Meta’s apps and services. 
  3. Automatically testing and optimizing up to 150 creative combinations to deliver the highest-performing ads to the most valuable shoppers. 

To further improve your Facebook and Instagram conversion strategy, Division-D can help split test and optimize your shopping campaigns over time. We recommend testing elements like audiences, targeting tactics, creatives, placements, and more to maximize conversions. Reach out to us to explore opportunities. 



Looking to connect with Gen Z? Research has revealed that adult Gen Zers are more receptive to social media advertisements compared to other digital ad formats. They often initiate their product discovery journey on platforms dominated with video content like TikTok or YouTube rather than recommendations from friends and family. 

According to eMarketer, Gen Z isn’t just using TikTok for video entertainment; they’re also actively looking for new products to try by engaging with its ads. 

Division-D has identified effective conversion strategies for retailers to launch impactful campaigns on TikTok to enhance purchase intent and ad recall among Gen Z.  

TikTok ads blend seamlessly with organic content, so choosing the right campaign objective, creatives, copy, and targeted audience is crucial when setting up a TikTok advertising campaign. 

When working with Division-D, we’ll select the most suitable campaign objective for your TikTok campaign, whether to generate website visits, sales, or leads. At the top of the funnel, we recommend an awareness objective to establish brand recognition and increase frequency to build brand familiarity. 

Monitor Your TikTok Conversions 



Pixel tracking is a must for your TikTok campaign to learn about sales attributed to your ads and measure your return on investment (ROI). Pixels will analyze campaign results in real-time and optimize toward a specific action you want social media users to take, like making a purchase. 

You can also serve retargeting ads to users who’ve previously browsed a product on your website to keep your brand top of mind. Retargeting ads can accelerate a prospect’s journey from awareness to conversion, moving them from the top of the funnel to the bottom. 

After setting up pixel tracking, you’ll need to identify your target audience. Evaluate your internal data and visualize your ideal audience persona, their age, interests, and specific traits they share.  

Our team will put together an optimized strategy deck employing TikTok and our data partners’ proprietary targeting capabilities, such as demographic, behavioral, social engagement, creator engagement, purchase intent, and more.  

We recommend testing various audiences to identify the most successful tactic to scale.  

Lastly, your TikTok ad content should align with the platform’s native style. Our team can provide creative guidance, so your video creative adheres to the platform standard and best practices.   



Pinterest stands out as the go-to platform for visual inspiration and trend exploration.  

Renowned for its visually appealing imagery and inspirational pins, Pinterest offers a unique advertising opportunity to seamlessly integrate within user feeds.  

Studies have demonstrated a 2.3x more efficient cost per conversion and 2x higher return on ad spend (ROAS) for retail brands running on Pinterest compared to other social channels. 

If your business wants to tap into the vast community of Pinterest users actively seeking gift ideas this upcoming holiday season, Division-D is here to assist. Learn more here. 


What sets Pinterest apart is its ability to expand your reach to millions of active users by leveraging the platform’s precise targeting capabilities, including keyword and interest targeting. 

You can serve ads in front of relevant audiences with unique ad types: 

  • Standard Image 
  • Collection Ads
  • Shopping 
  • Carousel 
  • Video 

Be sure to adapt to Pinterest’s aesthetics and include a compelling call-to-action to drive valuable actions. 

Incorporate Behavioral Targeting 


Division-D offers custom behavioral targeting for our paid social conversion campaigns to enhance performance. We can precisely reach audiences based on purchase intent, behavior, life stage, occupation, interest, and more.  

Our partnerships with proprietary data vendors allow us to reach audiences with pinpoint accuracy across social media platforms. 

Harness Influencer Marketing 


Incorporating influencer marketing into your marketing strategy can significantly boost conversions and sales. According to TapInfluence, influencer marketing generated 11x higher ROI than other prevalent digital marketing channels.  

Working with influencers can be a tedious and time-consuming process, especially for teams juggling multiple projects during the busy holiday season. Division-D’s team of influencer experts simplify and streamline the heavy lifting needed to launch and execute successful campaigns, while still giving you approval at key stages and visibility throughout the process. We have mastered the process of selecting influencers with dedicated followings that align with your brand to achieve your business goals. 

Influencers have amassed a loyal and engaged audiences receptive to their recommendations; they’re a great medium to expose your brand and drive sales. 

We recommend using a variety of influencers, each tapping into a unique subsect of your audience to fulfill your goals for each campaign. After approving the creators, their messaging, and their content, you’re set to go live! Layering on paid amplification is always recommended to place the content in front of your desired audience and the influencer’s followers. 

Division-D Provides Expert Guidance in Your Social Media Campaigns 


Crafting a successful social media conversion campaign depends on well-crafted strategies and the guidance of the right partner.  

Social Commerce

Among the platforms, Facebook and Instagram boast a vast and dedicated user base, continually evolving with new updates.  

TikTok stands out with its dynamic ad formats that resonate strongly with Gen Z. 

Pinterest showcases visually captivating ads that seamlessly blend into its platform’s aesthetic.  

Each of these platforms offer precise targeting tools to connect with millions of users actively seeking inspiration and products. Leveraging behavioral targeting ensures pinpoint accuracy in reaching specific demographics, while influencer marketing can foster trust and drive conversions.  

While e-commerce encompasses a broad spectrum of online shopping activities, social media conversion campaigns are designed to supercharge your business’s holiday sales. 

When executed with an effective targeting strategy and a clear path to purchase, social media platforms can act as catalysts for conversion-driven campaigns.  

Contact us at, and let our expertise elevate your brand’s success in the ever-evolving realm of e-commerce.  


Tessie Ho
Social Media Strategist

Tessie Ho is a certified social media strategist at Division-D, skilled in executing successful paid and organic social media campaigns across various platforms. She is a powerhouse behind our competitive and effective paid social strategies. Tessie enjoys reading, trying out local eateries, and traveling.

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