The Power of Mentorship

If you’ve ever been thrown into a new job with zero direction, then you’re probably familiar with the overwhelming feeling of stress that comes along with it. On top of feeling like the ‘new kid,’ you’re left to fend for yourself in an industry you might not have experience in. It’s not enjoyable, is it?

Eventually, you either figure things out on your own (kudos to you) or become so frustrated that you start looking elsewhere – without the assurance that it won’t happen again.

So, what’s the problem?

You didn’t have a mentor to lead you in the right direction!

Whether you’re just entering the workforce, transitioning to a new position, or completely altering your career path, having an experienced team member’s guidance is always in your best interest.

Training is one thing, but the advice you’ll receive on navigating situations and minimizing challenges from someone who’s been in the game longer than you is essential to your professional development.

“Digital Advertising is a constantly growing industry with much to cram into your brain at one time, and that can be overwhelming, so I strive to be a mentor that helps make learning it all a little easier.”

– Taylor Coleman, Mentor

How do mentors help?

They’ve been in your shoes, dealt with pressure as a newbie, moved through imposter syndrome, established their sense of purpose, and eventually became successful and confident enough to let you in on their tricks of the trade.

Becoming a mentor is a process, but rest assured, if you’re assigned a mentor, you’re in good hands.

A mentor is like a professional older sibling. Think about it; they’re more developed, acclimated to office culture and day-to-day expectations, and eager to help you achieve your goals.

“Throughout the entire learning process, my mentor helped encourage me, allowed me to make mistakes and learn from them, and proved to me that I had the skills I needed to truly be successful in a sales role.”

– Lauren Faulkner, Mentee

At Division-D, mentorship is a fundamental part of our company culture.

When you join our team, our priority is to make you feel comfortable, supported, and ready to take on any task.

Fostering incredible dynamics is an aspect of Division-D’s culture we take pride in. Our leadership team, including mentors, is here to encourage you until you find your workload balance.

So – what does the process look like?

The mentor-to-mentee dynamic at Division-D includes one-on-one weekly check-ins where questions are answered and concerns are addressed. Mentors also oversee mentee tasks, approve work once complete, and provide guidance where needed.

“My mentor has been such a huge help when it comes to answering questions that my clients have, guiding me through tasks I haven’t done before, checking over my work, and providing helpful and detailed feedback.” 

– Mackenzie Helms – Mentee

Mentorship is a powerful tool in the workplace.  

Take advantage of every moment, meeting, piece of advice, correction, and then some, and watch your confidence grow and reflect in the work you’re putting out. Who knows, you might even become a mentor yourself!

Ready to find a company that’s enthusiastic about mentorship? We’re hiring! See here to apply.

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Drue Moxley
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Drue Moxley is Division-D’s digital marketing coordinator, driven by a passion for brand messaging, content creation, and strategic storytelling. To bring on new clientele, Drue pushes Division-D’s brand forward by managing multiple organic social platforms, producing insightful collateral, and connecting with audiences through engaging blogs.

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