5 Reasons to Add TikTok Influencer Marketing to Your Next Ad Campaign

Expand Your Advertising Reach and Grow Your Audience

Influencer marketing is a growing advertising tactic, becoming more popular as more of the population spends time on social media. TikTok, which was named the third fastest-growing brand of 20201 and has continued to increase in popularity, is Division D’s newest offering in influencer marketing.

So, why should you add TikTok Influencer Marketing to your next advertising campaign?

1. You’re looking to target the Gen Z and Millennial generations on a platform with rapidly growing popularity.

Sixty-nine percent of TikTok users are age 39 and under2, making it a great way to reach Gen Z and Millennials, who are more likely to respond to social media advertisements. “TikTok’s audience tends to skew younger,” said Shelby Mustain, Influencer Marketing Account Manager, “and the short-form video and more playful and organic content seem to resonate with Millennials and Gen Z best.”

Now that TikTok has been established as a popular social media platform, more brands are pushing their advertising dollars there. In 2021, TikTok received 46% of influencer marketing budgets, only being beaten by Instagram at 48%.3

2. You want to provide an authentic message targeted to users who are most likely to respond to it.

Influencer marketing has the added benefit of not looking like an advertisement at first glance. A user sees the face of someone they likely follow and often see posts from, making the advertisement more trustworthy. “Influencers are able to promote their products with a more authentic and therefore relatable tone,” said Shalyn Mulholland, Vice President of Sales. “Often influencer content seems as though it’s an organic part of that influencer’s feed vs. being a paid advertisement.”

Additionally, influencers regularly interact with their followers and spend a lot of time making content users are more likely to engage with. “[They] understand what type of content and messaging their audience is most responsive to, and they harness this knowledge to create effective, highly targeted content,” said Grace Huguelet, Influencer Marketing Account Manager. “This allows the campaign to include uniquely curated content that incorporates the brand’s key messaging and audience’s interests.”

3. You want to build trust between consumers and your brand.

Influencers spend a lot of time building their brand and creating a presence that their followers love and trust. Many users feel like they “know” the influencers they follow, so when the influencer promotes a brand they love, users feel like they can trust that they are being given an honest review of the product or service. “An influencer campaign provides an opportunity to utilize a creator that has developed connections with their audience,” said Katelyn Duff, Chief Revenue Officer. “The user has a higher level of trust for the content they consume via an influencer compared to their level of trust for other paid advertising mediums.”

According to eMarketer, influencers on social media are the second most popular way consumers learn about a product they purchase, beating all other forms of advertising.

4. You want people to engage with your content.

Success of social media marketing is often measured by interactions with the post: likes, comments, shares, etc. Influencers already have an audience that interacts with their posts, and many users are aware that engaging with promotional posts is a way they can support their favorite creators. “There is typically much more positivity and a higher volume of social engagements that come from influencer content [versus standard paid social advertising],” said Mulholland. “Influencer marketing serves as more than an opportunity for exposure, but as an opportunity to involve an intended audience.”

5. You want to be able to reuse authentically created content on your own channels.

Influencer marketing posts aren’t limited to an influencer’s followers. In addition to boosting posts to open them up to a wider audience, brands can also reuse the influencer content on their own channels. “One thing that is often overlooked is the ability to repurpose the high-quality content that is created as part of the collaboration for organic purposes,” said Brad Stewart, Director of Influencer Marketing. “Brands have the ability to repost the content across their own social channels and blogs to engage with their current customers, and also help bring in new ones researching the brand.”

Check out our TikTok Influencer Marketing one-sheeter, or reach out to advertisers@divisiond.com for more information on adding an influencer marketing to your next campaign.


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