9 Creative Tips to Consider for Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

TikTok exploded in popularity over the last few years, making it one of the most popular apps among Millennials and Gen Z. Advertising opportunities on the app have opened up as well, and research has found that advertising on TikTok isn’t the same as other apps.

According to TikTok’s blog, people are having more positive reactions to ads on TikTok than they do on other apps. This could be due to the nature of TikTok ads, which tend to mimic organic content and lean toward Influencer Marketing rather than traditional advertising.

TikTok is the only platform that sees an increase in self-reported brand affinity after exposure to an ad, meaning users are likely to have more positive feelings about a brand after seeing an ad on TikTok, while ads on other platforms tend to annoy users. They are also 1.6x more likely to hit the “like” button on TikTok ads vs ads on other platforms. So how do you join the ranks of well-received ads? Keep reading and find out!

How to Improve Your TikTok Marketing Strategy

We mentioned above that TikTok ads blend into the app’s organic content better than other platforms, which makes viewers feel like the ad is letting them in on a great product rather than interrupting them to ask them to buy something. But what else do you need to keep in mind to make sure your ad succeeds on TikTok?

Here are nine quick tips for you to keep in mind when building your next TikTok ad.

1. Utilize Vertical Video

Unlike many other social platforms, TikTok ads are a full-screen experience. Since users are often in the middle of scrolling when an ad appears, producing your ad to look similar to the rest of the content is integral. You don’t want your audience to have to flip their phone horizontally to view the ad.

TikTok notes that videos with a 9:16 aspect ratio see a 91% lift in conversions and 40% more impressions compared to those that are not full screen.

2. Stay Concise

TikTok users aren’t afraid to scroll to the next video if they aren’t interested in what they’re seeing. Even if you catch their attention in the beginning, videos that drag on too long might not keep their attention. TikTok isn’t the platform to pack your ad with all the great things about your product or tell a story that doesn’t get to the point until the very end.

Stick to one concise message in your ad and let users click through to your website if they’re interested in more information. They’re likely to spend more time with your brand if they don’t feel like your long ad is interrupting the time they wanted to spend looking at other content. If your ad appeals to them, they’ll seek out your site.

3. Grab Attention Through a Variety of Scenes


The nature of TikTok is that most content is quick, with many videos clocking in at less than a minute, and closer to 30 seconds for those with the most engagement. So in addition to keeping your message concise, keep viewers interested by changing up scenes in your ad.

Not sure how to incorporate multiple scenes into your ad? Try changing camera angles to keep things interesting, adding a close-up of any products you mention, or inserting interstitial screens with additional information.

4. Test Several Creative Variations


Advertising involves testing to see what brings better results. By setting multiple creative variations live at once, you can limit the amount of time you are in the testing phase and find what works sooner.

Once you have a few top performers, use elements of those to create more ads to test until you know exactly what makes certain ads perform better than others. Do your best-performing ads all have the same CTA? Maybe they use the same spokesperson or have similar content elements.

5. Adhere to Creative Safe Zones

TikTok has various icons and text placed on the screen that might block logos or other important text you might include in your ad. Keeping the save zones in mind when creating your video will allow users to view the ad without worrying about the text they might not be able to see because the TikTok description or like and comment icons are in the way.

You can read more about creative safe zones on TikTok here.

6. Avoid White Backgrounds

While white backgrounds may look clean and crisp and make other aspects of your video pop, it will make it hard to read your ad text, which always appears in white on TikTok. Other icons on the screen, like the like, share, and comment buttons, will also appear white and could blend into a light-colored background.

Choose a dark color for your background that will let your caption pop. Any white is fine to use within the creative safe zone since these are the areas where TikTok won’t display any text.

7. Consider Casual or User-Generated Content

Ads that are clearly ads pull the user out of their experience on the app, making them more likely to scroll past your ad without giving it a chance. Your best bet is to make your ad seem like another TikTok video: hire an influencer to promote your product or have an upbeat member of your staff star in the video.

Keep the tone of your ad conversational. TikTok isn’t the place for a professional video filled with jargon the average person may not understand. Use this ad to establish rapport with your audience and show them you know what TikTok users want.

8. Incorporate Audio

Unlike apps like Facebook or Pinterest, audio is important for everything a user views on TikTok. Be sure to utilize audio in your ad to grab users’ attention and keep things interesting. TikTok notes a 16% increase in impressions for ads that include audio.

If your ad is completely visual, TikTok has a Commercial Music Library of licensed music and sounds you’re welcome to use for free to add background music to your video. If you want to use music not included in this library, you’ll have to license it yourself.

9. Close with a Strong CTA and an End Frame

Your ad won’t be very helpful if users don’t know what to do next. Add an end frame to let users know the ad is over and now is the time to take action if they liked the product. To increase your chance of conversion by 152%, make sure to add a CTA to the end of your ad letting them know to visit your website (or perform some other action).

Next Steps for TikTok Marketing

Do you think your ad is ready for TikTok? Would you like a little more feedback on how to give your brand the best shot at seeing success on the app? Do you need help seeking out an influencer to represent your brand? Division-D has trained Creative, Influencer Marketing, and Customer Service teams ready to help you publish the best ad possible for your brand.

Reach out to advertisers@divsiond.com to get started today or visit our website, no matter where you’re at in the planning process.

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