13 ½ Reasons to Choose Division-D in 2023

One of Division-D’s goals is to always improve our services for our clients. Whether that be onboarding new offerings, streamlining communication, or constantly optimizing campaigns, we want to be the best media partner we can be.

We sent a survey to our clients asking them to describe their experience working with us. We were overwhelmed by the positive responses we received. For instance, 91% of survey respondents would recommend us to a colleague or professional connection.

So why should you choose Division-D as your digital media partner in 2023? Here are 13 ½ reasons, straight from our clients.

1. Our customer service team offers lightening quick response times.

“Division-D is such an efficient team. Whenever I ask for anything, I get an immediate response and an immediate solution.” – Susan Neuhalfen, Red7e

2. We are a one-stop shop for all digital marketing needs.

“Division-D accesses almost every digital channel and offers products I can’t get anywhere else. They are extremely flexible to my client’s needs and show a strong performance for conversion campaigns.” – Sara Kerr, ZGM

3. We stay ahead of campaign onboarding to ensure timely launches.

“Working with Katelyn and Division D has been a pleasure. She is always providing insights on campaigns in a timely manner. She also always stays on top of launches and upcoming campaigns.” – Maddi Sacks, Media Works

4. We prioritize client deadlines and timelines.

“Working with Division D and Shalyn has really been fantastic, and I see both as valuable additions to the Radancy team for UHG. I can truly say that Division-D is one of the few vendors that I can expect quick responses and media plans from when reaching out. Particularly when working under tight timelines that happen more often than not.” – Carlos Pinon, Radancy

5. We know the digital media industry.

“Division-D has been a great partner for our organization. Our rep is very knowledgeable across multiple digital channels and always provides valued recommendations and suggestions that strengthen our digital efforts.” – Brent Wagner, Fleetcor

6. We have access to over 200 data partners.

“Division-D provides marketing solutions. I like that they can reach the audience I’m targeting across multiple platforms and the customer service is excellent!” – Daneen Goodwin, Disney/National Geographic

7. We provide easy-to-read, customizable reporting dashboards.

“Division D is a great partner to work with! Their Dataorama dashboard is easy to use, organized and so helpful when we need to check in on the status and performance of our campaigns!” – Jackie Garcia, ICF

8. Our account management team provides detailed insights.

“They run successful campaigns and not only provide custom dashboards, but a detailed write up regarding optimizations and notes for future campaigns.” – Lori Koepke, Firespring

9. We work like a part of your team.

“Division-D has been a great partner of our agency, and at times, has been a seamless extension of our media team. Division-D helped pull together sound media recommendation and helped drive some success for various clients in 2022.” – Scott Westergren, Falls & Co

10. We provide the best possible campaign within your budget.

“The team at Division- D includes some of the most talented digital marketers I’ve ever worked with. They always provide smart, sound strategies, are monitoring and optimizing our campaigns, and are excellent stewards of our budgets.” – Katie Gray, BlueByrd Strategic Sales & Marketing, LLC

11. We are accessible for small businesses.

“Division-D was a thoughtful and diligent partner for our small business. They were responsible and worked with the challenges and additional hoops we were required to jump through when tracking attribution tied to brick & mortar retail. I have recommended them to similar small businesses.” – Laura Gross, Partake

12. Our team provides clear explanations for industry lingo.

“Division D provided us with clear results and guidance when running our ad efforts. I would recommend working with them not only because they deliver great results, but because their customer service is truly unmatched.” – Joshua Moffitt, Endless West

13. We have a strong media strategy team.

“I’ve been in marketing/media over 20 years working with all types of media vendors and Division-D is at the top! Their proposals are strategic, well-researched and very detailed with rationale…providing me with everything I need for my clients’ digital campaigns.” – Lori Koepke, Firespring

13 ½. We provide customized proposals.

Why is this a half reason? Well, we could provide another quote to demonstrate this, but what’s the fun in that? Email advertisers@divisiond.com to get a customized proposal for your digital marketing needs in 2023.

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