You’re Hired!…from Home

Being offered a new position at any company brings excitement, nerves, and eagerness to begin or continue your career. Getting to know new coworkers, working on projects you’re passionate about, and learning new skills are still as exciting as ever, despite the difficulties our world is facing. And while we are unable to meet and work with each other in person, in June we welcomed 11 new employees to our team, with another group of 7 starting in July. This group of ambitious Account Managers and Account Executives took on the new challenge of starting a new job at a new company without stepping foot in an office.

Rather than packing office decor and searching for parking spots, our newest employees began their journey in home offices and kitchen tables. “I believe training and starting from home has made for a smoother transition into a new position,” said Blair Michael, Account Executive. “Although we are adjusting to new roles/responsibilities, it is from the familiarity of your home!”

The comfortable work-from-home environment does present its fair share of challenges and drawbacks, however. “Training was a little tough online just because I learn better when I’m face to face and having a more conversational training session,” said Libby Schroeder, Account Executive. “Now that I’ve grasped the concepts better, I could see myself working from home long term.”

Working remotely also calls for innovations in the training processes. “I took notes during training and made sure to stay focused during the calls. I asked questions when I had them and we also set up a new hire group chat which helped when we had small questions,” said Anna Milecki, Assistant Account Executive.

Video calls and training sessions have proven to be effective, but starting a new position is about more than learning processes and policies. “Training from home was a good experience, but I do think the interpersonal relationships between my hiring class would have been stronger had it all been in person,” said Zetta Hamersley, Political Account Executive.

Despite the hurdles and difficulties of trying to train and begin a new job from home, our employees have been working as a cohesive unit to try and make the process as seamless as possible. “There will always be a disconnect when working from home. I love having in-person interaction, it feels much more personal for me,” said Zach Kahle, Account Executive. “Given our current environment, it’s necessary to be taking the precautions we have. I completely understand why I am at home and the risk associated with going back into the office. I applaud Division-D, they have made it as enjoyable and productive as possible with the situation we are in.”

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